Zebralog GmbH & Co. KG

Zebralog GmbH & Co. KG, located in Berlin and Bonn (Germany), is a company providing services for modern democratic planning and decision-making through the use of interactive media. A pioneer in the field of e-participation, Zebralog helps political and other institutions to engage stakeholders in dialogues about policy issues, local planning or budgetary plans by providing all the services required for online dialogues: institutional embedding, marketing, development or adaption of e-participation procedures and technical infrastructure, moderation, and documentation and evaluation of results. Zebralog has conducted numerous online consultations for German governmental bodies, among them city governments (Berlin, Cologne, Frankfurt) and Federal administration (Federal Ministry of the Interior, Federal Ministry of Education and Research). At Synenergene, Zebralog is the lead organisation of "Core Dimension 2 - Online Communication".

Berlin, Germany
Contact person:
  • Matthias TrĂ©nel
  • Michelle Ruesch
+49 30 200540260