University Hospital Freiburg

The University Hospital Freiburg is a research and teaching hospital and part of Freiburg University. The Department of Medical Ethics and the History of Medicine (“Institut für Ethik und Geschichte der Medizin”, EGM) belongs both to the University Hospital and Freiburg University. The EGM’s research profile combines ethical and philosophical expertise with regard to medicine, biotechnology, neuroscience and clinical challenges. EGM is closely cooperating with Freiburg University’s Cluster of Excellence “Center for Biological Signalling Studies” (BIOSS). Established in 2007, BIOSS is an internationally renowned research institution conducting high-level research in the field of synthetic biology. EGM and BIOSS are cooperating on a number research projects, including “Ethics of Synthetic Biology” and “Engineering Life: An interdisciplinary approach to the ethics of synthetic biology”.
In addition, EGM and Theater Freiburg have jointly organized participatory theatre projects on emerging technologies in the past.