University of Bristol

The University of Bristol’s contribution to this grant is a collaboration between the Centre for Public Engagement (CPE), the Centre for Ethics in Medicine (CEM) and Professor Kathy Sykes from the Institute for Advanced Studies.
The CPE works across the University of Bristol to support staff and students to share their work with the public; this includes organizing a programme of public engagement activities and training.
The Centre for Ethics in Medicine (CEM) is an internationally regarded establishment for excellence in teaching and research in health care ethics. Of particular relevance is the Centre’s involvement in national and Europewide research networks, meetings and collaborations.
The University of Bristol is prominent in the UK public engagement and dialogue world. The University’s public engagement efforts, led by Kathy Sykes and the CPE, are widely seen as setting the pace in the HE sector.

The CPE is Co-Leading the Platform “Art, Culture & Society”
The CFE is supporting the CPE in its responsibilities and will advise on ethical issues.