University of Bergen

The University of Bergen participates in this grant through its Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (SVT). The SVT is a permanent, interdisciplinary and interfaculty unit at the University that is responsible for research, teaching and dissemination within the field of “theory of science”, understood broadly as “research on research”. The research profile of SVT is broad, with a focus on critical reflection over the science-society relationship. The Centre coordinates and participates in several Framework 7 Projects on the ethical and societal aspects of science and technology. SVT is a member of the Norwegian Academic Council for Science and Technology Studies, and teaches “theory of science” with ethics in all PhD programmes at UiB.
Currently the project “Reflexive Systems Biology” (funded by the research Council of Norway) is probably the one that is closest related, but other projects like “Technolife” or “Value Isobars” (both EU funded) have dealt with governance issues, social robustness and debate on societal values. Earlier projects on nanotechnology have resulted in books like “Nano meets Macro”.
The SVT contributes in major ways to the Platform “SynBio Futures”