Thermo Fisher / Geneart

Thermo Fisher (formerly Life Technologies / Geneart) is a leading integrated solution provider in the field of DNA engineering and downstream processing to facilitate early steps in the development of pharmaceuticals and industry enzymes. Proprietary technology platforms range from the manufacture of RNA- and codon optimized synthetic genes, combinatorial biology up to the production of DNA-based pharmaceuticals. By the development of the proprietary GeneOptimizer™ software, Geneart established as specialist for synthetic genes and related services. The gene synthesis platform has been expanded towards directed evolution strategies, which accelerate the identification of lead structures for the development in the fields of industrial biotechnology, life sciences and synthetic biology. Based on Geneart’s worldwide activities, RNA- and codon-optimization established as golden standard technology platform to replace laborious conventional cloning and genetic engineering processes and increase production yields / reduce costs during the manufacturing process. Geneart is chairing the SYN-ENERGENE Business Forum and major contributions to Platform “Research & Policy”.