LIS Consult

LIS Consult (Life sciences, Innovation & Society Consult) facilitates research institutes, public authorities, companies and NGOs in developing responsible research and innovation policies in Life sciences, particularly in green and white biotechnology, by looking into the needs of consumers and society at large at an early stage of R&D trajectories (upstream engagement). LIS Consult provides its clients with: (i) accurate and up-to-date information about new developments in science and technology, identification of major drivers and its potential societal impact; (ii) exploration of interests, attitudes and positions of relevant stakeholders and the public at large concerning applications of Life sciences and / or the societal challenges new technologies can be applied for (e.g. world food and energy supply, climate change, health); (iii) developing communication strategies and communication activities; (iv) analysis of the regulatory process, making suggestions for improvement. LIS Consult is Member of the Organisational Team of Platform “SynBio Futures”; where it makes major contributions. Furthermore it is involved in Platform “Research & Policy” as well as in terms of online communications.

Driebergen, Netherlands
Contact person:
  • Huib de Vriend
+31 343 51 47 61