Gene Rowe Evaluations

Gene Rowe Evaluations is a relatively young SME with one member of staff, which focuses on conducting primary academic research, desk analysis, and evaluation of public and stakeholder engagement processes. In spite of its newness, GRE has received funding from various sources, such as the UK Food Standards, the Department for Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), and the EU (two projects: subcontracted evaluator of the networking activities of participants in the ‘Facilitators’ Units Network for Debates’ (FUND) project; partner in project ‘Towards inclusive research programming for sustainable food innovations’ (INPROFOOD)).
GRE is currently involved in the 7th Framework INPROFOOD project, where he runs a work package responsible for evaluating various international workshops and conferences. As part of IFR, Rowe was involved with RISCPERCOM, GO-GLOBAL, SAFEFOODS and PEGASUS, and ran a work package in EUROPREVALL.
In SYNENERGENE, GRE leads the Work Package “Evaluation”