Finnish Society of Bioart

The Finnish Society of Bioart (FBAS) was established in May 2008 in Lapland at the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station of the University of Helsinki. It supports, produces and creates activities around art and natural sciences, especially biology. It fosters public discussions about biosciences, biotechnologies and bioethics. Additionally it is the Finnish contact node in international networks of bioart and art&science organisations. The Society respects and protects life, values sustainable development, transparency in its actions, legality, critical thinking, expertise and artistic and scientific integrity. It has currently 49 members, representing different art and research fields and other expertise like bioart, art&science, theater, performance art, fine arts, design, media art, sculpture, environmental art, biotechnology, zoology, botany, ecology, environmental sciences, animal physiology, genetics, philosophy, cultural production, art history and more.
FBAS is a Member of the Organisational Team of Platform “Art, Culture & Society”, where it makes major contributions, especially with a focus on online communication.