The European Network for Science Centres & Museums

The European Network for Science Centres & Museums (ECSITE) is the only Europe-wide network organisation that links science centres and museums, natural history museums, zoos, aquariums, universities and research organisations in Europe as active members. The common thread uniting these institutions is a commitment to public engagement, communicating science through accessible, interactive exhibits and programmes. Founded more than 20 years ago, ECSITE connects member institutions through projects and activities and facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practice on current issues. ECSITE is an expanding network of more than 400 member institutions located in over 30 different European countries and worldwide. It facilitates co-operation among Europe’s science centres and museums – establishing standards, sharing expertise, disseminating best practice, encouraging collaboration and developing training programmes.
Main tasks are the Lead of Platform “Public Science & Participation” and Work Package “Public Involvement”. Furthermore ECSITE coordinates the contributions by its members involved as Third Parties and faciliates the International Dimensions of SYNENERGENE.