City of Freiburg

The City of Freiburg is involved in the Project with its municipal Theater. Over the last few years, under the auspices of director Barbara Mundel and her team, the theatre has established a reputation for itself as a promoter of participatory arts concepts that is recognized throughout Germany. Alongside the artistic work on stage, the theatre participates in research and debates on political and sociological questions on many levels, which is why Theater Freiburg has collaborated continuously for many years with several departments of Freiburg University, as well as with public schools. Within the framework of SYN-ENERGENE, Theater Freiburg will cooperate with the University Hospital of Freiburg (Partner 9) in an attempt to develop participatory theatre performances on synthetic biology. Dramatic advisors Viola Hasselberg and Josef Mackert are experts in developing participatory theatre projects involving more than 100 amateur scientists and artists that are able to make complicated scientific questions transparent and understandable for a broad public.
The Theater is responsible for major contributions to Platform “Art, Culture & Society”, in close cooperation with the University Hospital of Freibrug.