Center for Study of Technology, Knowledge & Practice

The Center for Study of Technology, Knowledge & Practice (Cetcopra) is a research laboratory located at the Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, dedicated to socio-anthropological and philosophical studies of contemporary and emergent technologies. Its distinctive features are a methodology including fieldwork enquiry (immersive participant observation, fieldwork philosophy), object-centered appproach (artefacts as interactive nexus of socialities, subjectivities, policies, views of nature, and temporalities) and a central problematic concerning the issues raised by the interelation of technological choices, society and nature. Its research topics span from aeronautics to information technology, biotechnologies, nanotechnology and energy. Among current research programs are a research group working on Body, Health and Technology, a research group working on Nuclear Waste, and a research group working on Technoscientific Objects. The overall objective of the Cetcopra is to develop a critical reflection on emerging technologies and to encourage a more reflexive attitude among the various actors of technological innovation (scientists, engineers, manufacturers, decision-makers, and users). Cetcopra is Member of Organizational Team of the Thematic Platform “Art, Culture & Society” and will contribute to this Platform as well as to the commission of Online Communication.