"Discourses on Synthetic Biology in Europe" is a working paper published by Rathenau Instituut in the context of the project "Global Ethics in Science


Henk van den Belt's article analyses arguments rasied in the emerging societal debates on synthetic biology and the way its practitioners respond to criticism.


All stakeholders agree publicly that innovation and governance of emerging technologies should be done responsibly. However, the international debate on who should do what to contribute to this lofty goal is nowhere near a solution.


As part of their collaboration with SYNENERGENE, the iGEM 2014 team of Valencia Biocampus worked on questions of intelectual property in synthetic biology.


Conor Douglas and Dirk Stemerding: Special Issue Systems and Synthetic Biology 2013 Volume 7 Issue 3


Conor Douglas and Dirk Stemerding: Life Sciences, Society and Policy 2014 Volume 10 Issue 6


A stimulated early public debate is frequently advocated when introducing an emerging technology like synthetic biology (SB).


The article provides an overview on recent progress in biomedical and biotechnological applications of synthetic genomics and synthetic biology as well as on arguments and evidence related to their possible benefits and risks.