New Dutch online Knowledge base on synthetic biology

New Dutch online Knowledge base on synthetic biology

A new Dutch online knowledge base on synthetic biology is published by 

This knowledge base will contain news, background articles, interviews, discussion tools and multimedia. This knowledge base or theme page as we call it  is part of  and was developed as part of our contribution to the Synenergene project. 

High quality content to a broad Dutch audience

It contains interviews with scientists and iGem teams, background articles on synbio and an opinion map regarding the question “what is synthetic biology?”. The editors will update the page with news on synbio topics on a regular basis. In addition, the content of the new publication on synthetic biology of Stichting Biowetenschappen & Maatschappij, a Dutch foundation for science communication, will be part of our theme page. This means delivery of high quality synbio content to a broad Dutch audience. Kennislink reaches over 350.000 visitors each month.

We use different types of multimedia. For example video animations that were specifically produced for the Synenergene project. These animations will also be used in our public dialogue. 

Public dialogue  The team developed an online discussion tool based on scenarios developed by Rathenau Institute in The Hague (NL) and design principles of the Freudenthal Institute for Science and Mathematics Education of Utrecht University (NL).

In the following weeks the Kennislink team will conduct three public discussions using three selected Rathenau scenarios: Bioluminescent street lampsMother's day and Make-Your-Stool-Smell-Nice  pill.

Classrooms The Kennislink team will also use this tool in an educational context and test  the effectiveness of it in classrooms. We will investigate the possibility of conducting a more fundamental study on effective online dialogue on synbio or other new technologies in the future.  



All our information is published in Dutch. Still we encourage other Synenergene participants or other interested third parties to contact us if they want to make use of our content. We also encourage third parties to engage in translations.  So, please feel free to contact us. is published by science center NEMO in Amsterdam.  For more information on the Kennislink synthetic biology project please contact:  Giovanni Stijnen, For general information on and questions regarding the use of content please use the following e-mail address: