Biocoder Winter 2015 issue available

Biocoder Winter 2015 issue available

The new issue of Biocoder includes articles about a programming language for biology, an artistic study of the human microbiome, and much more including:

Open qPCR: Open Source Real-Time PCR and DNA Diagnostics

#ScienceHack SynBio Hack-a-Thon

DIY Paper Microfluidics

iGEM's First Giant Jamboree

Cataloging Strains: Isolation and Identification of Invasive Fungi on Citrus limon

BioCoder is the newsletter of the biological revolution that will touch every aspect of our lives: food and health, certainly, but also art, recreation, law, business, and much more. It’s about biology as it moves from research labs into startup incubators, hacker spaces, and even homes. It’s about a very old programming language that we’re just beginning to understand, and that’s written in a code made up of organic chemicals. It’s the product of a sharing community of scientists that stretches from grade school to post docs and university faculty.

BioCoder is meant to be shared. The goal with BioCoder is to be the nervous system for a large and diverse but poorly connected community.
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