FESTIVAL VIVANT 14,15,16 September

FESTIVAL VIVANT 14,15,16 September

15/09/2016 (All day) to 17/09/2016 (All day)

Part of the European program Synenergene with the support of Paris I Panthéon Sorbonne, the Festival Vivant (the Life Festival) is an event of 3 days of forums, conferences, workshops, meetings… to share about the living and its purposes.


Gene editing, biofuels, biosourced products, new agricultural practices are challenging industrial, cooperative, academic and associative actors mobilized by the bioeconomic transition. 

The Festival Vivant offers a forum to discuss the issues, opportunities and risks in order to develop the stakeholders responsibility for sustainable choices.


Come to the Festival Vivant to:

  • inform you about the bioeconomy challenges
  • share your activities, your projects or your opinion
  • contribute to forge landmarks for a sustainable cooperation with ecosystems.


3 main topics will be discussed during these 3 days : Bioeconomy, biotechnologies and biodesign.


Program :


Thursday,15th of September - BIOECONOMY

Toward a bioeconomic revolution ? 

With : FD Vivien (Univ. Reims), M Nieddu (Univ. Reims), André Fougeroux ( Syngenta), Marc Delcourt (Global Bioénergie), Francis Duchiron (ex Pole IAR), Alexandre Rambaud (Dauphine), G  Lecointre (MNHN), C Renouard (ESSEC), F Léger (AgroParisTech), G Trystram (AgroParisTech), Nicolas Hulot (sous réserve), Marc Delcourt (Global Bioenergies), Cyrille Pauthenier (Abolis biotechnologies), Jan-Christophe Gouache (Limagrain)

Workshops : experiences and sustainable projects, how ?

Evening : Cine-Debate Nature, the new Eldorado of finance 


Friday, 16th of September - BIOTECHS

Biotechs, ecosystems and society facing new genetic technics.

With Eric Marois (CNRS), Denis Couvet (MNHN), Pierre-Henri Gouyon (MNHN), Gilles Boeuf (sous réserve), Peter Rogowky (ENS Lyon), Gilles Truan (INSA Lyon), Bernard Chevassus-au-Louis (Humanité et diversité)

Workshops : White biotechs / Green biotechs, for what purposes ?

Festive evening : Pulses between symbiosis and parasites, student pitches and shows.


Saturday, 17th of September - BIODESIGN 

Shape life, for what purposes ?

With JM Besnier (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), JF Toussaint (IRMES), Bernard Stiegler (IRI, Ars Industrialis), Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne), Michek Blay (CNRS), Dominique Bourg (UNIL Lausanne)

Workshops : scenario between possible and desirable

Youth program: Draw me life





Apart from the conferences and specific workshops, two areas will be dedicated to many animations all along the Festival :

The village of initiatives 

Presentations of prototypes, projects and innovative achievements with the living by start-ups, students, companies and various organizations.


The Imagine Biofutur Area :

Art Installations, screening, holography, live entertainment, interactions, experiments offered by fifteen artists.





Université Paris Diderot 

5 Rue Thomas Mann

75013 PARIS



For registration and more information go to : http://www.lefestivalvivant.org

Université Paris Diderot 5 Rue Thomas Mann
75013 PARIS