Synbio at the Theatre: Workshops, Performances, Debates

Synbio at the Theatre: Workshops, Performances, Debates

"Re-engineering life or Do we want to be unlimited" (RE-ENGINEERING LIFE oder WOLLEN WIR UNENDLICH SEIN?) is the title of a weekend-long theatre congress on the promises and perils of synthetic biology at SYNENERGENE partner Theater Freiburg.

Starting on Friday evening, 19:00, with a plenary debate and several performances, the congress runs on the whole Saturday with a mixture of workshops, performances, and interactions. The final event will be the performance of the play "Natur zwei" on Saturday evening, 20:00.

The event will be in German language. Participation in the Friday evening events is free, tickets for Saturday are available on-site at Theater Freiburg.

More information is available on the theatre's website. A flyer with the programme can be downloaded here.



Radio Dreyeckland has interviewed Tobias Eichinger (Freiburg University) for its morning show about the theatre congress and the public percpetion of synthetic biology (in German).

Theater Freiburg on its weblog has published several blog posts on the production (in German), including background information and interviews with the artists involved:

Synthetische Biologie - Was ist das? (general introduction to synthetic biology)

Wollen wir diese Sprache und Ideologie wirklich übernehmen? (director Stefan Nolte talks about the "interactive speech-hacking lab" he developed together with students for the festival)

Ist Leben formbar, manipulierbar, optimierbar? (artist Frank Oberhäußer talks about the performance "2015. A Science Fiction Excursion")

Muss der Mensch optimal sein? (director Sahar Amini talks about the play "Pygmalion Recreating...")

H.E.A.R.T: Ein Filmbeitrag zum Kongress »Synthetische Biologie« (presentation of the film project, including a trailer)

Natur zwei (presentation of the play plus talk between ethicist Joachim Boldt and director Christoph Frick)


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