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What is synthetic biology?

  • „Synthetic biology comprises the research necessary to develop a living organism that can be described without reference to an existing organism.”
    E. R. Gold
  • „If you ask five people to define synthetic biology, you will get six answers. I'd say it is the (re-)design, construction and analysis of biological systems or sub-systems.”
    L. J. Prather
  • „Synthetic biology is becoming one of the hottest new fields of biology, with the potential to no less than revolutionize the way we do biotechnology today. ”
    Synbiosafe Project
  • „[Synthetic biology] is turning us into creators of the most basic parts of living nature. It opens up the possibility to augment nature with neo-microbes by an effort of engineering.”
    Joachim Boldt / Oliver Müller
  • „Synthetic biology is the engineering of biology: the synthesis of complex, biologically based (or inspired) systems which display functions that do not exist in nature.”
    EU High-Level Experts Group

The September 30, 2014 U.S. News & World Report article, “Virginia Researchers See Promise in 'Synthetic Biology,'” once again depicts the field of synthetic biology as simultaneously important for our future yet rife with misconceptions amongst the public...

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An exciting workshop was held in Brussels on the 8-9th of April 2014. It was aimed at sharing knowledge and learning from each other on Synbio related topics.

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